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FCR Media Limited, publishers of,, and eircom Phonebook are always interested in recruiting talented and passionate individuals to join our busy and successful team.

Read about Who We Are and gain an understanding of our business and the products we offer to Irish companies.

FCR Media Limited is an equal opportunities employer.

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Why Should YOUR Business Take a Voucher?

***15,000 copies of the Voucher Book distributed at the event – straight into the hands of visitors!

***FREE WiFi surrounding the stand – Your offers will be pushed out through Location Based Advertising!

***Online Exposure through OfferAlerts service – Every month there is an average of 1.2 million visits to Irish businesses on desktop & mobile platforms!

If you sign up today you can register for FREE Tickets

Call our dedicated Voucher Book reps today on:

Alan Leonard 087 115  5044

Fintan Freeman 086 792 0631

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Get your wellies on!

Less than two weeks to go before one of Europe’s largest Outdoor & Agricultural Exhibitions take place. This years National Ploughing Championships will take place from the 24th to 26th September at Ratheniska, Co. Laois.

The event is sure to churn up a lot of fun over the three days (see what we did there with the ploughing reference). is delighted to announce that this year we will attend the event and will distribute our dedicated National Ploughing Voucher Book. The Voucher Book contains great offers from many of the exhibitors attending the event.

Be sure to pick up your FREE Voucher Book from our team (they will be the ones in the bright yellow t-shirts). Our Voucher Book stand located at Stand No. 488, Row Y, Block 3 and we would encourage all visitors to swing by and pick up the Voucher Book as it also contains the National Ploughing site map, exhibitor list & event schedule for the three days.

Ever fancy yourself as a bit of a Schumacher? A final reason to drop by our stand and say hello is to see our racing car which races in the Forumla Sheane Championship in Ireland. We have a driving experience in Mondello Park for two adults to be won!

Interested in what Europe has to offer?

Visit our EuroPages stand and learn how easily your business can connect to Europe. Stand No: B1 529

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Back to The Top- with Barry Rabbitt

Here is FCR Media’s racing driver Barry Rabbitts blog on this 1st place finish at mondello on the 6th July:

After a difficult first half of the Formula Sheane Championship, rounds 6&7 will hopefully be the turning point for my season. Going into the mid season races which were part of the fantastic Formula Vee Festival at Mondello Park I had nothing but bad luck to date. A solidary podium and 4th in the rankings didn’t make for good reading. On a more positive note I had picked up a new sponsor for this weekend in the shape of Bluebeards Revenge, which is a range of shaving products that I have no doubt will be the root of a lot of ‘close shave’ type puns in races to come!

I arrived at the circuit first thing Friday morning and the guys from FCR Media Racing had the garage prepped and as professional as ever with my and car shining in the much welcomed summer sunshine. Testing started well and got progressively worse as we struggled with excessive wheelspin for most of the day. I decamped to the Naas Court Hotel to think about it but inspiration was not forthcoming which meant only one thing…… Back to the bar at Mondello! Saturday morning arrived earlier than I would of liked and I headed into the garage from my luxurious overnight quarters, known as a van! Keith and Paul from FCR Media Racing checked the camber at my request as I thought it was worth a shot and sure enough the figures were not what they should have been and we left the pitlane just in time for qualifying.

I had to spend the first 3 laps bedding in new pads and ultimately only got one decent lap to post a time which was, in the end, good enough for P4. We had cured the wheelspin but our pace was only average at best – though I felt confident that, while not perfect, I had a car that I could do something with in the race later that day.

I’ll be honest, I’m not really all that sure how to start a rear wheel drive single seater off the line and am still playing around with methods that range from slow and steady to the drop the clutch and light er up approach. This time I opted for somewhere in the middle and somehow it worked and all of a sudden I was past Robbie Allen who I was alongside and then I was pulling ahead of Sheane who was on the front row. I got back to the inside and defended my position as Sheane gave me a friendly nudge… It was sort of a playful rub really in terms of the cut and thrust of saloon racing which I’m used to but it was enough for him to exit stage left minus his nose cone. That left me alone with a certain multiple champion by the name of Brian Hearty ahead. I had a look around the outside of Duckhams (Turn 3) but Hearty was –rightly – not too worried about that and held station all the way through the esses. Knowing that Brian had better outright pace to me I reckoned I had to make a move early and while the red machine defended at Dunlop I took a wide entry and got the cutback to pull alongside and then ultimately take the position by Ford corner at the beginning of lap two. If at the time I thought that was the hard bit done I was to be hugely wrong. Next lap by I noticed the clock read 12 minutes to go and the enormity of the task at hand began to sink in. Me, a green horn newbie in the world of single seater racing had to keep a 9 time champion of the discipline – who was quicker – behind me for about 13 laps! This was going to be hard work….

The next lap by as I looked at the countdown timer I realised it wasn’t working… so now I had no idea how long I had left.Brilliant!! I decided about then that there was no way I was going to be able to beat Hearty by sheer pace and if I tried I would most likely make the one tiny mistake he would need to get by so I made a conscious decision to back up the pace a little bit at strategic points of the circuit and no matter what, not to make that one mistake. This meant that my pace was a bit slower than I could actually drive but the risk of throwing it away was removed…unfortunately the side effect of that was that I was to have Hearty climbing all over me for the rest of the race. Every lap into Ford corner Hearty would draw up alongside me as my car struggled to hit the top speed of its rivals and I would have to brake as late as I dared and make him go the long way around. The pressure was relentless and the race seemed to be without end.

It was this close at the flag! Image from Leo Nulty.It was this close at the flag! Image from Leo Nulty.

After what felt like a lifetime the last lap board appeared and by now I had Hearty, Allen and Sheane under my rear wing. What came next was the slowest, most defensive lap of Mondello I am likely to ever have to do but it was enough to exit Dunlop at the head of the train and take an incredibly tough maiden single seater win after just 5 previous attempts. Almost everyone congratulated me after the race and I was genuinely surprised at the amount of spectators who reckoned it was the best race they had seen in years at Mondello, I don’t mind admitting that I think the spectators enjoyed it more than me… The only bit I really enjoyed was the last 50 yards!

Race two the following day was somewhat anti climatic in many ways. Starting third I made an awful start – I went for the drop the clutch and light ‘er up approach this time! I maintained my position and had a move around the outside of Allen at turn two which resulted in me taking to the grass on exit and dropping back behind Gary Corcoran who I was able to get back by on the run into Mazda corner. I went after Allen and on the run to Dunlop on lap 3 I seen that he went defensive very early, I stayed to the outside until I seen him divert his gaze away from his mirror and then launched it up the inside just about getting my machine stopped and pointed towards the main straight. I must admit that I really enjoyed the move and might have even smiled momentarily behind my visor! By the time all this was done the leader was too far ahead and though I was quicker here and there we were too evenly matched for me to catch up so I trundled home to collect 2nd position and as a result was the highest points scorer of the weekend which sees me move up to 3rd in the championship.

All in all a great weekend and a step in the right direction though we still have a major engine problem which is hampering our laptimes a lot. If we can get that sorted I’m feeling very confident for the remainder of the year

A big thanks must go to all the guys and girls at FCR Media Racing, my sponsors,, and The BlueBeards Revenge and also Messrs Nulty and Graham who never fail to keep me smiling… Thanks folks!!

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Competition winner announced!

Recently, ran a competition to encourage business owners to promote their business offer across one of Ireland’s leading websites, Businesses had to simply create a FREE OfferAlert on to be in with a chance of winning €3,000 worth of advertising.

We received many great entries and all business offers are available on OfferAlerts for you to search by county and category.

We are delighted to announce that the competition winner is Ballyhoura Forest Luxury Homes – see their offer below.

Ballyhoura Forest Luxury homes are delighted to win and John Doody, General Manager said “We are delighted to win €3,000 worth of and are looking forward to working with to generate a lot of leads to the business.”

FREE 30 Day Trial

Businesses can still create a free OfferAlert to promote their business offer – simply click here and fill in the business details.

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Win €3000 worth of advertising

Win €3,000 worth of advertising for your business on Print, Online & Mobile platforms!

To celebrate the launch of our new nationwide advertising campaign – Print, Online & Mobile are giving YOUR business the opportunity to WIN €3000 worth of advertising.

To enter all you need to do is create a FREE OfferAlert on for your business. Click the OfferAlerts button below and enter your business offer to be in with a chance to WIN €3000 worth of advertising on Print, Online & Mobile platforms.

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Stand out online when people are actively looking for your products and services. Not only get found by your customers on the go, but attract them with targeted offers especially when they are nearby your store.


The new OfferAlerts service is a platform that allows a business to upload their discounts or offers to one of Ireland’s leading websites, . With over 1.2 million monthly visits to our site, your business will reach people who are actively searching for your products and services. Click here to view the new site.

With relative ease a business owner can promote all of their discounts or offers on the site. users can then choose to redeem the voucher by print, email, sms or share to their social networks.

This new service has been launched to provide businesses with an opportunity to promote their discounts or offers enabling them to generate additional revenue for the business

To celebrate the launch of the OfferAlerts service we are offering businesses a 30 Day FREE Trial.

All you need to do is simply fill in your business and offer details. Click here to submit your details.

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EuroPages Official Partner

FCR Media (publishers of and our partners EuroPages deliver Irish businesses the opportunity to target potential B2B customers in foreign markets.

EuroPages is a leading player in B2B relations in Europe. Its Internet site presently lists over two million suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, wholesalers and distributors. Available in 15 languages, receives more than 4 million unique visitors every month from users who browse EuroPages’ qualified database.

Most visitors to EuroPages are drawn from the ranks of small businesses; almost 40% of them from very small companies (less than 20 employees), the rest from small and medium-sized businesses (50%).

To generate targeted contacts, EuroPages uses a qualified database and cutting-edge technology: a multilingual search engine, sophisticated indexing techniques, and a classification system comprising 26 industry sectors, 4,000 headings and 100,000 keywords.

EuroPages offers your business the opportunity to develop new sales leads, connect with potential business partners abroad and showcase your company internationally all to a highly qualified audience.

Contact us today on 01 697 1548 if you would like more information on on EuroPages packages.

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Free WiFi on Grafton Street courtesy of

Dubliners have been enjoying free WiFi on Grafton Street for the last two months courtesy of

The free WiFi sponsorship from coincides with the launch of the new app.

Free WiFi has been available to all internet users in the Grafton Street area courtesy of and Open WiFi Ltd. for the last two months. The WiFi on Grafton Street is being serviced by Open Wi-Fi Ltd. who provide speeds of up to 50MB. To gain access to the free WiFi users need to join ‘FREE WiFi’ when they enter Grafton Street.

Paul Wood, Marketing Director at FCR Media Ltd. (publishers of said “We are delighted with the success of our continued sponsorship of the free WiFi in Grafton Street and it is very encouraging to see Dublin City Council recognise the need to provide the general public with free WiFi in our vibrant capital city.”

Once connected to the free WiFi users can download the newly launched app. The new app from FCR Media Ltd. offers Irish consumers everything they need when searching for a product or service. The new app has been designed for easy navigation with a clear layout and a more user friendly interface.

Paul Wood, Marketing Director at FCR Media Ltd. explains why it is a great opportunity for “We know the importance the general public puts on being able to search and look up businesses on the go and using our iconic search brand to sponsor the free WiFi is a perfect fit. Sponsoring the free WiFi allows us to also promote our new app a comprehensive database of Irish businesses with Location Based Offers & Alerts, Cinema Listings, Weather Updates, Event Guide and lots more”

App Screen

“The free WiFi courtesy of not only benefits the user but is also hugely beneficial to the businesses in the Grafton Street area” explains Paul Wood. “A business owner needs to ensure that their business can be found when their customers are using their smartphones on the go, as mobile users are converting at a high rate; after looking up a local business on their smartphone, 61% of users called the business [1]and 59% visited the business[2].” has redesigned its iPhone and Android apps to give the existing 170,000 users of the app[3] an enhanced locally focused search platform whilst containing all the nationwide information a user may need.

One of the great features on the new app is Location Based Offers & Alerts where a user can receive real time deals based on their current location which is great for businesses as 29% of Irish smartphone users are likely to interact with an advert which is based on location[4].

New to the app are such features as ‘Map Me’ which pinpoints your exact location; ‘Cinema Listings’ where you can see what’s on in your local cinema; ‘Weather Updates’ making sure you’re never caught out in the rain again; a comprehensive ‘Event Guide’ bringing a world of culture to your fingers tips and a ‘Share this Listing’ which allows the user to share a business via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, email or just save to their contacts.

“Our sponsorship of the free WiFi in Grafton Street will continue into the year as we look for other opportunities to sponsor free WiFi around Ireland” stated Paul Wood.


About FCR Media Ltd.

FCR Media Ltd. is a specialised sales and marketing company focusing on local search and advertising products. A premier source of local intelligence about products & services that provide advertising solutions for SME’s customised to the business requirements through mobile, online and print platforms.

Our proprietary platforms and products include (Print, Online & Mobile), (Online & Mobile), MobileReady, Offers and Alerts with Location Based Advertising (LBA) and the award winning MySite Platform, a website solution for small businesses.

Partnerships with Google (Google AdWords™ Premier SME Partner), Microsoft, EuroPages, Nokia, CityPost and eircom ( provide a comprehensive media solution set to meet the local search and advertising needs of SME’s in Ireland.

About Open Wi-Fi Ltd

Open Wi-Fi Ltd was founded in 2011 to bring high speed public Wi-Fi to Ireland. With over 30 years’ experience in the wireless broadband sector the Open Wi-Fi team has developed a proprietary hot-spot system which combined with dedicated high speed internet back-haul delivers a high performance Wi-Fi service to smartphone, laptop and tablet users. Synchronous speeds of up to 50 mb/s are available from each Open Wi-Fi hotspot free of charge.

To download the iPhone app click here:

To download the Android app click here:

[1] The Kelsey Group, 2011

[2] The Kelsey Group, 2011

[3] Webtrends, December 2012.

[4] Sponge It, 2011

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New app app

We are delighted to announce that the new apps for iPhone and Android are now available.

The new app has been designed to ensure easier navigability with a clear layout when searching and a more user friendly interface.

What’s New:

  • Map Me function which pinpoints your exact location.
  • Cinema listings where you can see what’s on in your local cinema. Includes times, prices and synopsises.
  • Weather feature (not available yet on Android) making sure you’re never caught out in the rain without a brolly.
  • Comprehensive events guide bringing a world of culture to your fingertips.
  • Improve this listing feature allows the user to update the listing with current business contact information.
  • Location Based Alerts that push out deals to your phone

To search for the app on either iTunes or Google Play use the keywords ‘new’

Tell us what you think of the new app by writing a review on either iTunes or Google Play.

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Digital Pack

The world of online media has become a jungle with many different options open to businesses.  With websites, SEO, Search Engine Advertising (SEA), Social Media and mobile……where does a business go to make sense of it all and to make sure they have the right representation across all the options?

  • It’s a “one-stop shop” to get their website and SEO, social media, SEA and mobile website in one place
  • All business information is collected once and distributed across multiple sites
  • Integrated approach means all elements work together to drive leads to your business
  • Highly effective web presence across all of the major social media sites and direct access to your business from desktop and mobile
  • SEA component used to drive traffic directly to your business
  • Fulfilment is handled in-house through our web services team so only one person to call to update the information
  • Additional updates to social media sites can be made when an “update” package is purchased
  • Fully measured Call Tracking Number must be used

Call us today on 1800 625 625 and let us help you and your business become more social.

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