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aa-enviromental logoWhat do plumbers and dentists have in common? Everyone is looking for a good one. And much like dentists, when it comes to plumbers, just about everyone seems to have their own horror story. Whether it’s a plumber not arriving when he was supposed to, or being left high and dry – excuse the inappropriate idiom – with a burst pipe, everyone’s got a tale to tell.
We’ve all heard them, and we certainly love to tell the story of our plumbing related disasters. Anyone with a young family can attest, that there are few things more frustrating for a household than a plumbing problem.

AA Environmental

plumber-tap“You’d be surprised at some of the panicked phone calls I get,” says Andy Ahern – the founder of AA Environmental – with a knowing smile.
“You don’t know what chaos is until you see a family, on a chilly November morning, dealing with a broken boiler.” Andy continues.
Much like dental problems and taxes, plumbing issues is something we all have to regularly deal with. Cold weather can split water pipes and boiler servicing can so easily go neglected.
But if plumbing issues are so regular why is it something of a minor victory to get a plumber who arrives on time and carries out work to an expected standard?

Customer Focused Approach

plumber-boiler“I think that sometimes it’s easy to forget that a lot of our job is dealing directly with customers,” Andy says.
He’s right of course; companies like AA Environment – when dealing with domestic clients – are at the front lines of customer interaction.
“You’re not dealing with a big company or a storage building or an office space, you’re dealing with a person and that person’s home,” Andy says.
It’s this customer-focused approach that makes AA Environmental that rarest of things: a good reliable plumber. AA Environmental’s service extends to all aspects of plumbing from pipe replacement and upgrades to boiler servicing and maintenance. Their customer-centric approach means they arrive when they say they will, and they carry out all plumbing work efficiently and professionally.
So save yourself the drama of your next plumbing related mishap and get in contact with AA Environmental first. They’re available all over the greater Kildare area and you never know, they might even be able to recommend a good dentist.

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