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So, you have a few questions about a notary? You have come to the right place. With the help of Hugh Mc Groddy Notary, we’ll do our best to answer almost all of your notary questions.

Hugh Mc Groddy Notary

Hugh Mc Groddy Notary has been providing clients all over Ireland with the best in notary services for years. The expertise and professionalism of their team along with the diversity of their legal skill set has allowed Hugh Mc Groddy Notary to become a trusted legal partner for both individuals and businesses in and around Dublin. As a Dublin notary, Hugh Mc Groddy has amassed considerable experience in dealing with the issues that affect people within Leinster.

So what is a notary?

A notary is a public officer that is constituted by law to serve the general public in a variety of non-contentious legal matters. These matters are usually concerned with foreign or international business.

Great! So what does a notary actually do?

To put it simply, a notary public is empowered by law to attest signatures, give notarial acts and to authenticate documents. A notary also administers oaths.
A notary’s service also extends to the taking of affidavits. They also issue notarial certificates with respect to persons and documents.

Brilliant, but what do powers of attorney mean?

The power of attorney is a document they is usually — but not always — signed by one person. This person is usually called the “donor”.
The power of attorney document means that the donor has given a third party — usually called the attorney or the donee — the power to sign legally binding documents on behalf of the donor.
The powers of attorney document is usually drawn up if the donor is buying property in a foreign country; as it may be more convenient for the donor to have a third party – usually a solicitor – in that country complete the transaction.

I still have a few more questions?

Well, we did say almost all your notary questions. If you have more questions or require the assistance of a Notary, get in contact with Hugh Mc Groddy Notary.

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