Based on the latest data from the Irish central statistics office, chimney fires account for a little over 20% of all domestic house fires.
Chimney fires are dangerous because they weaken the integrity of the flue and can cause cracks and gaps to appear in the walls of the home. Through these gaps, sparks can enter the propety spreading the fire to other areas.
Chimney fires are most often caused by the build-up of soot inside a chimney flue. This build-up of soot can eventually catch fire.
To avoid this happening in your property, we have teamed up with the Irish Chimney Specialists to advise property owners on how to limit the possibility of a chimney fire.

Irish Chimney Specialists

Irish Chimney Specialists are one of Ireland’s most experienced chimney relining and chimney repair companies. For the past four decades, Irish Chimney Specialists have been providing professional chimney relining, chimney repair, chimney new builds and stove installations. They also offer a full chimney inspection service that ensures that the safety standards of chimneys are maintained. This includes advising on how best to avoid chimney fires.

Clean Your Chinmey at least Twice a Year

As stated, chimney fires start due to the build-up of soot in the chimney flue. The best way to handle this accumulation of soot is the brush your chimney twice a year.
With regular brushing, soot isn’t able to build up within the chimney, minimising the potential of a chimney fire.

Make Sure Cracks and Imperfections are Repaired

Cracks, gaps or other compromises in the integrity of the inner chimney can cause an increased accumulation of soot. Gaps can be difficult to clean, even with a dedicated chimney brush. The build-up of soot will increase the potential for a chimney fire.
Cracks and imperfections can also have a negative impact on a property’s energy efficiency. Worst of all cracks can allow poisonous gases to be realised into the property.

Regularly Inspect Your Chimney

It’s important to spot minor issues before they have the chance to develop into major problems. Irish Chimney Specialists provide a full chimney inspection service. Utilising the very latest software and high-definition cameras, they can carry out a full inspection service that can spot even the most innocuous cracks and imperfections, before they can compromise the safety of a property.
If you need more advice on how to avoid a chimney fire or if you require repairs to your chimney, get in contact with the experts at Irish Chimney Specialists today.

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