Stillorgan Appliance Repair

We live in a disposable culture. Unlike our parents or our grandparent’s generations when something breaks or becomes a little worn, the instinct is to immediately replace it rather than have it fixed. It’s a mentally that big companies been taken advantage of for years.
Software updates come with features that slow down older models. Kill switches are added to office equipment to force an error after a designated amount of time. Barely changed iterations of popular products are released annually, encouraging us to mindlessly upgrade.
All these strategies are designed to have us throw away our perfectly good equipment in favour of new products.
Western society is filling up landfills at the same rate as we are filling up the bank accounts of greedy corporations.
However, the discerning and savvy consumer knows that throwing out perfectly good kitchen appliances every time they make a strange noise or fail to turn on makes absolutely no sense. Especially when a company like Stillorgan Appliance Repair is only a phone call away.

Stillorgan Appliance Repair

Stillorgan Appliance Repair provides clients with professional and reliable kitchen appliance repair. Their highly experienced team of repairmen can repair just about any electrical equipment. From washing machines to cookers, they can extend the lifespan of these appliances and save clients the inconvenience of a costly replacement.
Whats more, their cost-effective appliance repair service is available to clients all over Dublin.

Cost-Effective Repairs

“The real issue,” according to one of Stillorgan Appliance Repair’s repairmen, “is that too many people don’t realise most issues are down to a malfunctioning part and not a malfunctioning appliance.”
Within Stillorgan Appliance Repair’s mobile repair units, they stock a dizzying selection of spare parts for all makes and models of kitchen appliances.
Their team’s high level of training and considerable expertise means they can quickly identify the malfunctioning part and have it replaced; oftentimes in just one visit.
So don’t throw money away on unnecessary replacements, instead, have the experts at Stillorgan Appliance Repair save you money by expanding the lifespan of your kitchen appliance.

Address Galloping Green, Stillorgan Road, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin
Telephone Numbers 0868930393