After the trauma of losing a loved one, and when the hustle and bustle of the funeral ends, it can be difficult to get back to a normal routine.

The passing of a good friend, a partner or a family member often looms large in the life of an individual. Just getting on with it or re-adjusting to normal life can be difficult, especially when the spectre of grief still lingers.

While it’s perfectly normal to feel like this following a death, a bereaved person should never feel like they have to bear the weight of a loss alone. There are many supports that an individual should seek out including grief support and bereavement support groups.

A fitting memorial to the deceased person can also help comfort an individual by giving them a place to visit, where they can feel close to the departed.

J.Coffey & Son Memorials provides beautiful and respectful gravestones, which can be customised to the wishes of the deceased’s family.

J.Coffey & Son Memorials

J.Coffey & Son Memorials has been providing clients with a range of intricate granite and limestones headstones for generations.

Their master craftsmen can inscribe each and every headstone with unique inscriptions that can be customised according to the wishes of the family.

Grave Maintenace

J.Coffey & Son Memorials specialises in maintaining beautiful and elegant graves that give family and friends a respectful and ambient place to remember the departed loved one.

Their team provide a full gravestone and graveside maintenance service. This service involves removing ground in dirt from the gravestone and the surrounding kerbstones. The service also removes debris from the grave and provides maintenance services like weed removal and grass cutting.

A Place to Remember

J.Coffey & Son Memorials helps create a space were family and friends can go to remember their deceased loved one.

Their service is available to clients all over Limerick and the surrounding counties.

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