Lough Derg

Lough Derg Cottage RentalWith low-cost airlines promising to whisk you off to exotic locations all over the world at logic-defying low prices, it’s tempting to overlook a holiday at home in Ireland.
Promises of the sun, exotic food and lifelong memories, have holidaymakers pouring over travel websites looking for that perfect family holiday.
Unfortunately, what a lot of these low-cost airlines don’t tell you is that they don’t get you to the exotic holiday location. Rather they get you “pretty” close to the place in the brochures.
The giddy excitement of stepping off the plane is quickly squashed when you realise a three-hour journey in a bus with intermittent air conditioning, is still in front of you.
The thrill of exotic food gives way to food poisoning, the fun in the sun leads to sunburn that’s so bad you actively avoid doing anything properly; for fear of being patted on the back. The lifelong memories aren’t of frolicking in swimming pools and sipping Mai Tais but instead are of applying gallons of after sun and trying to distract your overtired over warm children.
Not all holidays are like the above but be honest with yourself, enough of them are to make you rethink stepping back on a plane.
Lucky you don’t have to hop on a plane, as you already live in one of the world’s most beautiful countries. And if you want to appreciate Ireland’s wealth of stunning scenery, you could do a lot worse than booking a stay with Lough Derg Cottage Rental.

Lough Derg Cottage Rental

Nestled on the edge of the majestic Lough Derg Freshwater lake, Lough Derg Cottage Rental provides beautiful, comfortable and ambient cottages for short-term rentals. These warm and cosy cottages act as the perfect base for visitors to explore the many delights of this truly unique location.
Lough Derg’s world-class fishing has been attracting fishermen for generations. The lake also has a range of fun actives for adults and children of all ages.

The Perfect Staycation with Lough Derg Cottage Rental

So avoid awful, overpriced airport food. Avoid long lines and airport security. And avoid the realisation that the language app you bought and opened twice, actually didn’t teach you any of the native tongue. Instead fall back in love with Ireland by booking a stay with Lough Dreg Cottage Rental.

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Address Ballymalonemore, Ballina, Killaloe, Tipperary
Telephone Numbers 061 518210
Website www.loughdergcottagerental.ie


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