Conveyor Belt Solutions – F.R.P. Co.

F.R.P. Co. is Ireland’s premier stockists of heavy duty conveyor belting, belt fasteners, industrial rubber and accessories. They offer the high quality conveyor belting for the quarrying, mining and recycling industries. As a well-established business, their expert team has many years of experience. Their knowledge of the industry is unrivaled and they are always on hand to offer advice and support. At F.R.P. Co. you are always guaranteed high quality conveyer belt solutions alongside world class customer service.

Bespoke Conveyor Belting

As industry leaders, F.R.P. Co. produces belting products to suit their customer’s specific needs and requirements. All conveyer belt solutions are tailor-made and their skilled team is available to offer advice or make any design recommendations.

F.R.O. Co. offers a wide range of conveyor belt products including:

  1. Flat Driving Belts
  2. Food Quality Belts
  3. Fertiliser and Lime Belts
  4. Feeder Belts
  5. Elevator Belts
  6. Rubber Skirting Strips
  7. Belt Fasteners
  8. Grab Bars
  9. Conveyor Idlers and Rollers

Benefits of Conveyor Belts

Whether you’re in the manufacturing industry or your business requires the transportation of products around your premises a conveyer belt is always the best option. Conveyor belts allow for a more efficient production line and could mean the difference between a profit and a loss. There is no one size fits all solution with conveyer belts and every solution provided by F.R.P. Co. is tailored to your individual needs. You can tailor your conveyer belt system to handle the size, shape and quantities that best suit you, helping you maximise productivity and decrease waste. Conveyor belts work for nearly every company across nearly every industry and they can be used to process the smallest and most delicate of materials or the largest and the heaviest of materials.

Address Fitzpatrick’s Rubber & Plastics, The Mill, Ballyduff, Arklow, Co. Wicklow
Telephone Numbers 040232994