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Although it’s not something we want to think about, serious injuries do happen. Whether it is on the road, at work or in a public place, a trip, a fall or a car accident can have serious consequences.

Injuries can result in large medical bills and the lost revenue from the injured party needing to take time off work.

When added up, an injury can cost an individual thousands.

It is reasonable then, to try and seek out some compensation when the injury wasn’t the fault of the individual. For those seeking information on their rights in regards to personal injury, Flanagan & Co. Solicitors offers potential clients a straight-forward,

streamlined service.

Flanagan & Co. Solicitors

Established in 2005, Flanagan & Co. Solicitors offers clients nationwide experienced and professional legal advice and legal representation. Their personalised and straight-forward service is designed to effectively communicate complicated legal jargon as quickly and as plainly as possible.

Flanagan & Co. Solicitors make clients aware of their rights and can advise if they should seek out compensation following an incident that resulted in injury.

Personal injury Specialists

Flanagan & Co. Solicitors specialise in personal injury. They have represented clients injured in road traffic accidents, accidents in the workplace, accidents in public places and medical negligence cases.

The experience of Flanagan & Co. Solicitors ranges from cases were clients had relatively straightforward injuries like whiplash, to cases involving life-altering injuries like spinal cord damage.

All their cases are overseen by a member of their highly experienced team of personal injury solicitors who work closely with the client explaining the nuances of their case and keeping them informed throughout the process.

For the very best legal advice and legal representation following an injury, individuals should get in contact with Flanagan & Co. Solicitors; the personal injury specialists.

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