Red lichen, green lichen, mould and moss growth can be incredible pervasive on exterior walls. For the average homeowner, dealing with these organic impurities can feel like a constant battle.
It only takes from 24 to 48 hours for mould to germinate and grow; spreading across a huge surface area in a relatively short amount of time. Once it’s washed off, mould seems to reappear almost instantaneously, until eventually, you are back where you started.
Green and red Lichen is another headache that homeowners have to deal with. Once lichen attaches itself to a wall its spores can prove nearly impossible to eliminate.
Lichen attaches itself so closely to the wall’s concrete, any removal attempt risks damaging the wall’s exterior.
For those with a tarmac driveway, the battle to keep it from being swallowed in a layer of moss can seem impossible.
The fundamental issue with mould, lichen and moss is that the real problem isn’t the parts you see. The real problem is the unseen, microscopic spores that are buried deep in the concrete or tarmac. These spores mean that a full surface level removal only clears space for new organic material to grow.
So what can be done? Well for the homeowner interested in a permanent solution, they should get in contact with Easy Reach Cleaning.

Easy Reach Cleaning

Easy Reach Cleaning is a Galway based exterior cleaning company that combines a range of disciplines to leave a property’s exterior sparklingly clean. Their window cleaning service is complemented by their gutter cleaning service, and their driveway power washing is often combined – to great effect – with their soft washing service.
By investing in the latest technology – including the SkyVac Gutter cleaning system – Easy Reach Cleaning offers their Galway clients a fast, efficient and high-quality exterior cleaning service.

Soft Washing

For those who are dealing with pervasive lichen growth, mould growth and moss problems, Easy Reach Cleaning provide their clients with a soft washing and power washing service.
Their fully optimised soft washing machines are combined with powerful and safe to use cleaning agents. These cleaning agents have been formulated to penetrate a surface; removing the spores of lichen mould and algae from deep within the concrete and tarmacadam.
Soft washing also removes the top-level lichen and mould; leaving an exterior wall clean, smooth and free of organic impurities.

So if you are tired of scrubbing lichen from your walls and scraping mould off your driveway, get in contact with Easy Reach Cleaning today, the Galway soft washing experts.

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