mayo oil boiler service logoWith the sun baking the entire country and summertime in full flight, as a nation, our minds couldn’t be further from oil boilers.
When we are digging out swimming trunks and sunblock, why would we be possible worried about boilers? At the risk of jinking the good weather, it will eventually start to get cold again.
Nobody wants to hear it but when the weather eventually turns, we will dust off our oil boilers and switch them back on.
It’s possible, that after a long summer of neglect, your boiler may refuse to turn back on. If that happens to your oil boiler, you best get in touch with Mayo Oil Boiler Services.

Mayo Oil Boiler Services

Mayo Oil Boiler Services provides clients all over Mayo with affordable oil boiler services. Their team of professional oil boiler experts provide boiler maintenance, boiler servicing, boiler repair and boiler upgrades. Their tradesmen have over 22 years of experience, repairing oil boilers.

Oil Boiler Servicing

Mayo Oil Boiler Services provides their Mayo based clients with the very best oil boiler servicing. Their procedure includes checking to see if water is inside the tank, ensuring the boiler fumes are properly installed and a comprehensive check for stress and for discolouration on the oil tank.

Oil Boiler Repairs

As a trusted member of the Mayo community, Mayo Oil Boiler Services make a big effort to always repair a boiler instead of pushing on clients an expensive oil boiler replacement.
In the case of an oil boiler tripping, their repairmen will repair the problem and wait for a period of time in the property to ensure that the oil boiler won’t re-trip.
In cases where an oil boiler can’t be repaired, Mayo Oil Boiler Services can recommend and install a replacement system.
At the end of summer, if your boiler needs to be repaired in the Mayo area then get in contact with Mayo Oil Boiler Services today.

Address Carrowtiegue, Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
Telephone Numbers 096 92449

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