Don’t Let Moving Cause a Miniture Meltdown – Mini Removals

There is nothing mini about moving. In fact on the Holmes and Rahe scale – the gold standard in stress analysis – changes in residence comes in at number 32 on the life stress inventory.

“32,” you might be thinking, “that’s not too bad.”

A ranking of 32 may seem pretty pedestrian until you review some of the life events that rank higher. The death of a spouse ranks at number 1. Suffering a major illness or injury comes in at number 6, going to prison number 4 and losing your job lands at number 8.
So on one of the world’s most respected stress ranking system, moving house is on the same list as a partner dying, imprisonment and suddenly becoming unemployed.
This information may be enough to make any sane person rethink selling up and moving. However, with the right moving company, relocating doesn’t have to all stress and anxiety.

Mini Removals

Mini Removals is committed to taking the stress out of moving house. Since 1996, they have been offering both individuals and commercial customers the best in professional moving services. Their team of expert movers, quickly and effectively move a building’s worth of goods from one location to the other.
The key to Mini Removals continuing success is their ability to safely move large, sensitive items.
Clients can be assured that their priceless grand piano/family heirloom will be protected during the removal and transit process.

Storage Facilities

A major bone of contention when moving is what to do with all the excess stuff a home invariably accumulates. This can be particularly fractious when downsizing from a large property to a smaller one.

How can you decide what to keep?
Luckily, with Mini Removals, clients don’t have to make those painful decisions. Mini Removals has a partnership with U Store It.
You Store It are one of Ireland’s largest storage facilities, offering high quality fully secure storage options.
Along with delivering items to a new property, Mini Removals can also bring items to the closest U Store It warehouse.
Don’t allow your next move to the 32nd most stressful thing that ever happens to you. Instead, make sure the experts at Mini Removals streamline your next move.

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