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As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, many homeowners and business owners are moving towards renewable energy sources as a means of powering their home/business. Noticing this trend, and through their own desire to promote renewable energy as a viable alternative, Ryan Energy have developed a successful business with a goal of providing heat recovery ventilation (HRV), solar PV, air tightness membranes, building energy ratings (BER), solar panel and solar tube hot water systems to customers throughout Ireland.

Energy Through Renewables

Ireland has fantastic renewable energy resources and it is expected that in the coming years more and more people will be making the switch to powering their homes and businesses through renewable energy. The solutions available from Ryan Energy allow their customers to convert wind, heat and solar energy into viable energy sources which are environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Supply & Fit

Ryan Energy provide a comprehensive supply and fit service for all of their renewable energy solutions and they can also recommend which options are most suitable to you depending on your location, energy requirements, budget, etc. Ryan Energy Ltd is a registered Installer under the Better Energy Homes Scheme, Registered Number 15131 and they can also provide a BER certificate
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