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Animal Farmacy is your one stop shop for all animal health products, livestock grooming equipment, veterinary and general supplies. Animal Farmacy offers a unique service providing health products and supplements, animal food and pet toys under one roof. Based in Oldcastle Co. Meath, Animal Farmacy caters for every possible animal need including livestock, equestrian, and pets. Not only do they sell animal health products but they also have an in-store vet who is available on call, 24-hours a day. As well as providing animal care products at exceptionally competitive prices, Animal Farmacy also offers expert herd health management advice and planning as well as fluke and worm dosing and vaccines.

Animal Health Products

Animal Farmacy stock hundred and hundreds of animal health products and supplements. From cows and horses to cats and dogs, Animal Farmacy has everything you need to keep your animal friends looking and feeling healthy. With a comprehensive range of supplements, pour ons and equipment, Animal Farming is bound to have the perfect heath product solution for you and your animals. Animal Farmacy supplies a collection of livestock grooming equipment as well as veterinary and general animal health supplies.

Knowledge and Experience

Animal Farmacy combines the very best of pharmacy and veterinary knowledge. Our on-site vet is available for call outs 24 hours a day. All of their team members of keen animal lovers and know exactly what it takes to ensure an animal or pet is properly cared for. The Animal Farmacy team is on hand to answer your questions, queries, and concerns about your animals and will offer advice and make appropriate product recommendations. They constantly improve and update their knowledge on animal health products and over the last 10 years have continued to offer excellent customer service and exceptional advice and support.

Visit the Animal Farmacy team in-store or shop their wide selection of products at animalfarmacy.ie.

Address Springhall, Oldcastle, Co. Meath
Telephone Numbers 0498542907
Email info@animalfarmacy.ie
Website www.animalfarmacy.ie