Why Do You Only Ever Breakdown at the Worst possible Time – GRS Recovery

Has anyone ever told you a story about their car breaking down within walking distance of their house? I’m going to make a guess and say that they haven’t.
Ignoring the fact that a story involving breaking down so close to home would make an incredibly boring story, I have a feeling that such a convenient breakdown has never actually happened.
Vehicle breakdowns only ever seem to happen in the middle of the night, a hundred miles from home, on a deserted road somewhere unfamiliar.
Maybe it’s a pervasive mutation of Murphy ’s Law, but vehicle breakdowns only ever seem to happen at the most inopportune moments.
Your reliable hatchback that just passed the NCT will only ever breakdown halfway to the hospital while your partner is in labour.
Your three door’s engine will only ever sputter out and die when you are already late for that important job interview/big event/ once in a lifetime concert.
Yep, breakdowns only ever seem to happen at the worst possible moment. And while we may not know why this happens, we certainly know what to do when it does.

GRS Recovery

If you have suffered a breakdown at the worst possible time, don’t curse the universe, instead, call GRS Recovery.
GRS Recovery offers clients the very best in vehicle recovery services. Their state of the art and fully stocked tow trucks offer clients a fast and effective service that will either repair your vehicle on the side of the road or get the vehicle to the nearest garage.

Fuel Drainage

Along with breaking down at the worst possible time, another hazard of vehicle ownership is adding the wrong fuel to the fuel tank. Diesel in a petrol engine or vice-versa can have a devastating effect on an engine.
If you do make this embarrassingly common mistake GRS Recovery can come to your location and drain the offending fuel. Saving your engine from any potential damage.
So if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, in the rain, when you’re already late for the big meeting, get in contact with the vehicle recovery experts at GRS Recovery.


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