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Losses sustained through property damage, theft, etc. can be substantial, causing a lot of hardship to the victims. Most people today have some type of insurance policy that covers their property and belongings. Through this insurance policy, they can claim expenses back. However, insurance companies are likely to act in their own best interests and will try and minimise payouts which they are often successful in doing as claimants are not well versed in insurance claims. To ensure you receive your full entitlement, it is wise to approach proceedings with the help of a public loss assessor such as First Call Claim.

Domestic & Commercial Claims

As experienced loss assessors, First Call Claim handle cases for domestic and commercial clients, assisting with claims related to fire damage, storm damage, flood damage, theft, burst pipes, oil leaks and more. Property damage losses can be stressful for any homeowner or business owner, so it is important to seek the services of a public loss assessor to ensure you receive your full entitlement.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Loss Assessor

A professional loss assessor such as First Call Claim can prepare, negotiate and settle your claim for you which is invaluable to those who are not well versed in handling insurance claims and thus are at risk of not receiving their full entitled amount from insurance companies who will seek to pay out the bare minimum. This also alleviates a great amount of stress as you know your claim is in the safe hands of a skilled negotiator. By obtaining the maximum payment, you can work to regain all of your losses.

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