Asbestos used to be a popular material, used for insulation and fire proofing capabilities – as such, asbestos can be found in many older buildings. Unfortunately, asbestos can cause many adverse health effects due to inhilation and it is a requirement that any asbestos found must now be professionally removed in a controlled way in order to guarantee the safety of the general public. In cases where you discover a building has asbestos in it, you must immediately contact a professional asbestos removal company such as Emerald Environmental Technologies Ltd.

What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a fibrous silicate mineral which is highly heat resistant and was commonly used for insulation and fire proofing before its damaging properties became widely known. Asbestos fibres cannot be seen, smelled or tasted making it easy for a person to unknowingly ingest them. Once in the body, these fibres are incredibly difficult to dispel and over the years they lead to inflammation, scarring and genetic damage to the body’s cells. The long term effects of asbestos ingestion include numerous adverse health effects, including lung cancer.

Call The Professionals

Once asbestos has been detected, you are legally obliged to have it professionally removed in a controlled manner. In these cases, you should contact Emerald Environmental Technologies Ltd. who are one of Ireland’s leading asbestos removal companies, having been in business for over four decades. Emerald Environmental can ensure that all asbestos is safely removed and can also provide assistance with all the relevant paperwork.

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