If you’re squeamish, now would be the time to brace yourself.
Here are the diseases directly transmitted by rats: Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Leptospirosis, Rat-bite Fever and Salmonellosis.
Here are the diseases indirectly spread by rats: Hantavirus, Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus and Tularemia.
Oh and the plague. Yes, the plague as in the black death. As in the black death that killed around 75 million to 200 million in the 13th century.
So with this in mind, rats are more than just a pest. Rats pose a direct danger to humans. Rats are particularly dangerous around the elderly, young children and anyone with a weakened or vulnerable immune system.
To add to the horror, rats aren’t the solitary creature you might expect.
If a rat is seen sulking around a property, it’s safe to assume that there is a whole colony of rats close by.
The word infestation – I told you to brace yourself – is particularly apt when discussing rats.
The fast-breeding cycle of female rats makes fully eliminating an infestation extremely challenging. Luckily, it’s a challenge that PestX Environmental Services Ltd. have been embracing for the past two decades.

PestX Environmental Services Ltd.

PestX Environmental Services Ltd. is one of Ireland’s premium providers of pest control and elimination. Their flexible service is available to commercial and domestic clients on a reoccurring contractual basis or as a once of pest elimination service. Using the very latest innovations in pest control they can quickly and effectively eliminate even the most pernicious pest infestation. They handle all types of pests including insects, moths, birds, cockroaches and yes, even rats.

Rodent Control

More so than a simple rodent elimination service, PestX Environmental Services Ltd. Packages include year-round inspections that ensure a property is kept completely pest free. Pest X’s team carry out a comprehensive property inspection, that discovers how the rodents entered the property in the first place. Entry points are sealed and vulnerable areas are accessed for possible infestations.

Protecting your Family’s Health and Your Business’s Reputation

PestX Environmental Services Ltd. are designed to protect your home and business from the damage caused by pest species.
If you see a rat or even suspect the presence of rodents, don’t take a chance with your family’s health or your business’s reputation. Get in contact with the experts at PestX Environmental Services Ltd. today.

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