Humanist ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular as a way of commemorating the memory of a lost loved one as they incorporate a balance between the sadness of loss and a celebration of the person’s life. Recognising the benefits or such ceremonies, Meyler & Son Funeral Directors developed their own humanist funeral service aimed at helping their clients commemorate and celebrate the life of their lost loved one in their own unique way.

Religious or Non-Religious?

Humanist funerals are not tied to any religion but they recognise the right of all attendees to practice their own philosophical life stance, meaning that anyone can be included no matter their religious leanings. The celebrants will generally not reference anything religious in their address but can include a moment of silence for people to grieve according to their own customs.

Humanist Funeral Arrangements

Humanist funeral arrangements are generally not that different from those of a traditional, religious funeral and usually involved consultations between the loved ones of the deceased and the celebrant to discuss music, readings, etc. Each humanist funeral is unique, with proceedings tailored to reflect the life of the deceased. Humanist funerals can be held in a number of locations and can be followed by a burial or a cremation.
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