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First Aid is an invaluable skill to possess. It allows you to help anyone who sustains an injury or becomes unwell in an accident or emergency situation. The ability to intervene and assist until help or the emergency services arrive can help save lives sand prevent emergencies from escalating.

First Aid skills are transferable from situation to situation and can be applied at home, in work, or in the community. Accidents and Emergencies happen every day, and more than likely, you’ll witness one, or be involved in one at some point in your life. Those who are trained in first aid can step into these situations and ultimately help save lives.

So whether an emergency situation calls for CPR, injury management, burns care, or even just talking to the injured, Synergie Education’s First Aid Response course can teach you the necessary skills to provide correct and essential care.

Synergie Education

Synergie Education is a qualified CPD Provider of Accredited Courses and is an Irish Based College. They are the county’s leading provider of education and training in health care. Their expert team offer courses in many areas to include Health & Safety, First Aid, Phlebotomy, Academia and many other mandatory employment courses such as Manual Handling and Patient Moving & Handling. They offer a host of attendance and blended learning courses to fully meet student expectations. Their various programmes are available nationwide Synergie Education is focused on providing highly quality service and customer satisfaction.

Synergie Education’s First Aid Response course incorporates the Cardiac First Response standard. In addition to CPR skills, their course will teach First Aid Responders a set of defined skills and management of a patient who has become suddenly ill or injured until the arrival of medical support.

There are numerous reasons to not only learn First Aid, but to also put the skills into practice. Perhaps the most compelling, or convincing benefits are:

Saving Lives

Emergency situations are often life and death scenarios. The first few moments of an emergency are the most crucial in terms of survival. If you can step into a situation and provide the necessary help you can slow down or even prevent the deterioration of the injured. Immediate care drastically improves the patient’s outcome in the long run.

Always Prepared

The chances are that you may never need to use your training. But accidents can and do happen to ordinary people in everyday circumstances. These accidents can often be life-threatening. A First Aid Responders is always prepared for these emergencies and will know what to do if somebody at home, in work, or anywhere at all is stricken by a dangerous injury.

Aids Emergency Services

Staying with a patient and administering First Aid helps our emergency services as you can provide vital information about what happened and how the patient responded. This allows the emergency services to provide the correct and effective treatment, and takes a lot of the guess work out of their job. Sometimes, First Aid can even prevent a hospital trip, which frees up the Accident and Emergency departments to aid and focus more serious cases.


When an accident happens it is easy to be overcome by fear and anxiety. There is the worry that you won’t be able to help, or even make things worse for the injured. With First Aid training you will know exactly what to in any situation and can act with confidence. Not only will this ensure that the injured gets the care that they need, but can help to put them at ease during a difficult time.

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