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While watching just about any workplace-based sitcom, you are likely to stumble on an episode based around lampooning safety training. The original UK The Office had an episode that made fun of manual handling. The US version of The Office had at least one episode a season poking gentle fun at office safety seminars.
Comedy writers have found a rich valve of comedic potential in seeing the funny side of safety training. As the old saying goes “it’s funny because it is true.”

Just about everyone who works in an office, factory or in retail, has been part of a safety training seminar. This ubiquity proves one thing, these safety seminars – as soft a target as they are for gentle ribbing – are extremely important.
Manual handling is designed to stop serious debilitating injuries to a person’s hips and spine. People handling courses help protect the person being assisted along with the employee offering assistance.
Employers in Ireland are legally obligated to provide their employees with regular safety training. As such it is important to have a staff member that is fully trained in how to host these training seminars.
The experts at Target Health and Safety training provides employers with the best in safety instructor training courses.

Target Health and Safety Skills

Target Health and Safety Skills provide clients with the best in professional manual handling instructor courses, people handling instructor courses, and a range of first aid responders and fire safety awareness training.
All their available courses are fully QQI certified and OHSAS certified. Their convenient and flexible courses and instructors are available to travel to the employer’s premises or conduct courses from their own Dublin premises.

Manual Handling Courses

Target Health and Safety Skills provide employers with the best in Manual handling instructor courses. They teach an in-depth six-unit manual handling course that teaches individuals how to conduct fully accredited manual handling courses.

People Handling Courses

Their people handling course teaches employees how to conduct full people handling courses. This course is designed to ensure an individual can teach their fellow employees the principals of proper and safe people handing.

As much as it can be the victim of good-natured joking, safety training is essential to the running of a safe and productive workplace. To make sure your assigned workplace safety instructor is trained to the highest of professional standards, get in contact with Target Health and Safety Skills.

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