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Companies which operate in the life sciences sector (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Medical Devices) are, naturally, subject to stringent regulations. Not only this, the industry is highly competitive and only those who are following best practices and continuously making improvements will survive. For this reason, the services of experienced consultants, such as Independent Solutions, are highly sought after. Established in 2006, Independent Solutions provide impartial advice and practical hands-on solutions to industries in the life sciences sector.

Supporting Global Clients

Independent Solutions are an Irish-based company but have a team of experienced consultants, project managers, validation engineers and quality personnel who are able to support a client base which extends across the globe. Thanks to their diverse team, Independent Solutions can easily adapt to an ever-changing regulatory environment to ensure their clients are receiving the most relevant, up-to-date advice and support.


Thanks to their internationally recognised success as consultants for the life sciences industry, Independent Solutions have also received approval to operate as recruitment agents for a number of global companies, sourcing talented individuals to work in this ever-changing industry.
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