Keeping safe on your Motorbike this Christmas

For those who don’t ride, the thought of climbing on a motorbike and going for a long ride in winter time probably sounds darn right torturous.
The cold, the unpredictable weather and the limited sunlight are reasons enough for the average Joe, to stay cuddled up in their pyjamas, in front of Netflix with a cup of hot cocoa wrapped in their fingers.
Motorcycle enthusiasts; however, are a different breed. The thought of slicing through crisp dry air, on a quiet country road, during an early winter morning, elicits shudders of excitement rather than shudders of dread.
For the committed, going for a long motorcycle ride in winter can be as satisficing as a summertime trip.
Of course, winder riding presents a whole new set of challenges. Challenges that the fair weather rider might not be aware of.
As part of our winter safety season, we are going to discuss keeping safe on your motorcycle this winter season.

Layering Up

An obvious one but too important not to mention; layering up in appropriate winter motorcycle clothing is an absolute must in cold weather.
In Ireland, the unpredictable weather means all responsible riders need to think ahead before starting their bike engines.
Base layers like those supplied by Under Armour or one of the many other motorcycle apparel companies, offer innovative sweat-wicking technology which helps sweat evaporate. This stops trapped moisture from turning cold on the skin.
Breathable, waterproof outer gear should also be worn and paired with winter gloves and boots with above average grip.

Cold Tyres

Cold weather means cold tyres, and cold tyres mean limited traction. Even a quick stop, will mean a motorcycle’s tyres will cool down. Acceleration and decelerating for a few minutes before hitting the open road can do wonders to warm up cold tyres.
Winter is no time to skimp on tyre maintenance. Tyres should have an adequate thread, and tyre pressure should be checked before every ride.

Other Drivers

The biggest threat to a riders safety during winter is the stupid decisions of other drivers.
Drivers who lack winter driving experience may not anticipate the longer braking distances, the limited visibility and the dramatic weather changes.
Bike accident personal injuries are a very real possibility during winter and can oftentimes be the fault of a negligent third party.
To avoid this, the rider needs to be extra vigilant. However, if you are injured, due to the negligence of a third party driver, you should seek out a bike accident solicitor as soon as possible.

Generally speaking, a motorcycle ride in winter can be a life-affirming, stress relieving recreational activity. So enjoy your next winter bike ride but of course, take every precaution necessary to stay safe.

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