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Is there anything more annoying than a moth? They nibble away at our favourite clothes and cause irreversible damage. And while moths don’t sting or bite or cause any physical harm, the sight of one single moth is enough to send shivers up the spine of any cashmere jumper owner.

With the warmer weather we’ve been experiencing lately, you might have noticed a few moths hanging about your bedroom walls. But there is good news. These moths, the ones who have wandered in through open windows by accident will probably not cause any damage to your clothes. The moths you need to be on the lookout for are the silver moths breeding inside your home. This type of moth infestation is often hard to detect until its too late because it’s not the adult moths that gnaw at you knitwear – It’s the larvae.

ES Pest Control has shared their top tips on how to spot a moth infestation early on and how you can prevent them from taking over your entire wardrobe.

ES Pest Control

ES Pest Control is one of Ireland’s leading pest control companies. Available to both domestic and commercial clients, their comprehensive service includes a property assessment beforehand to identify the best procedure for your property. Once the pests have been removed they can offer advice and make recommendations on how to best prevent an infestation from occurring again. Their quick and efficient service has long-lasting results ad all matters are handled with confidentiality and a customer first focus.

With decades of experience dealing with all kinds of pests, ES Pest Control not only has the knowledge to eliminate a pest infestation but the knowledge on how to prevent one too.

How to Spot a Moth Infestation

As I’ve said, it can be hard to spot the first signs of a moth infestation as moth eggs and larvae are notoriously hard to see. The first major sign is damage or holes appearing in your clothing, particularly knitwear, and other fabrics or carpets. Other indications could be hidden away on the back of your wardrobe, chest of drawers or in your cupboards. Look out for the small maggot-like larvae, the silken tubes in which the larvae live and the silk cocoons from which adult moths emerge.

If you find any of these signs then it important you get the situation handled as quickly as possible. Start by using moth traps to catch any adult moths and vacuuming the affected area to remove all larvae and eggs. Thoroughly wash all of your clothes and other fabrics in the affected area like bed sheets, blankets and linen. Clothes should be washed on a high temperature to kill any present larvae. If this does not help, or the infestation is particularly bad then call in the professionals.

Tips for Preventing Moths

Preventing moths from entering your home can be difficult, especially in warmer weather when windows and doors are always open, but there are some practical steps you can take to reduce the risk of an infestation. If you like to windows open at night then use fly screens or draw curtains to prevent entry. Vacuum regularly, especially in hard to reach places such as under sofas are behind large furniture. If you store textiles or fabrics for long periods of time you should keep them in a sealed plastic bag to prevent access. Moths are typically more attracted to dirty clothes, especially those with food stains, so clean and wash your clothes thoroughly before storage. Moth traps are also a great way to catch any adult moths that have entered your home before they begin to reproduce.

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