The kitchen is a focal point in any home and is generally a hub of activity, as such, many people give careful consideration to the design of their kitchen. Though fitted kitchens can be a simple solution, you don’t receive the same amount of design flexibility as with a bespoke option which greatly limits your ability to control the look and feel of your home. Plan-It Kitchenz have developed a service that manages to combine the flexibility of bespoke kitchen design with the simplicity and cost effectiveness of a fitted kitchen.

Classic or Modern?

Whether you’re interested a traditional, homely feel or a sleek modern look, Plan-It Kitchenz utilise a variety of materials and clever design tricks to create kitchens that are designed to your specifications whilst also fitting the space for which they are intended. On their website you will find a number of classic and modern style kitchens which they have designed and installed.

Design Through To Installation

What sets Plan-It Kitchenz apart from a number of their competitors is their complete design through to installation service which includes a site survey, consultation and provision of all fixtures and fittings. For a clearer idea, you can visit their showroom to see some of their fantastic work.
If you’re thinking of having a new kitchen installed, you need to get in contact with Plan-It Kitchenz.

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