If you are wading around in water up to your knees or if icicles have started to form on your boiler, it’s clear that you need a plumber; however, it isn’t always that obvious.
Are you confused about the difference between a minor plumbing issue and something more serious?
So are we, so we have teamed up with Pat Hall & Son – one of Dublin’s most established and trusted plumbing companies – to bring you five tell-tale signs that may need to call a plumber.

Pat Hall & Son

Pat Hall & Son have been providing clients with the very highest standard of plumbing services for the past 70 years. A true dynasty, Pat Hall & Son is currently run by a third generation Hall. With over 7 decades of experience, there isn’t much this company hasn’t experienced in regards to plumbing. As such, we couldn’t think of a better guide as we investigate the clues and tells that means a professional – not DIY Dan – needs to be contacted.


When a loud distinctive gurgling sound is heard after a tap has been turned on or a toilet has been flushed, it may be the first sign of a clogged or compromised drain.
Pro Tip #1: If you’ve been hearing a gurgling sound, call a professional to make sure a clogged drain isn’t getting ready to burst.

The sound of running water when all outlets have been turned off

Do you hear water running through your pipes even when all water outlets – taps, showers, toilets – have either been turned off or otherwise aren’t in use? The sound of running water may be an indication that your pipes have sprung a leak.
Pro Tip #2: Check for brown or wet spots on walls or on the floor. These are tell-tale signs of a leak, beneath the floorboards or inside the walls.

Low Water Pressure

Often low water pressure is simply caused by a blockage caused by the build-up of residue on a tap’s aerator; however, it can also be an indication of a much more serious problem. Low water pressure can be caused by a fractured pipe, a leak or an eroded waterline.
Pro Tip #3 Try clearing a Tap’s aerator of residue to see if this improves water pressure, before calling a professional.

Frozen pipes

During cold weather, if taps stop running and you hear clanking noises coming from the pipes, it’s extremely likely your pipes have become frozen.
Pro Tip #4: If your pipes have frozen over, call a plumber immediately.

A sulphur or sewage odour

If you get the distinctively unpleasant smell of rotten eggs coming from your sink, then a vent or sewer pipe underneath your home may be damaged. Damaged and broken sewer pipes can cause serious environmental damage and severely affect your foundation.
Pro Tip #5: If you suspect a sewage pipe or vent has been damaged beneath your building, call a Plumber immediately.

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