Brian McElroy Funeral Directors

Unfortunately, at some stage of our lives, most of us will have to organise a funeral.
Whether it’s a family member or a cherished friend, it is likely that we all someday will need to pick out a casket, call a graveyard and get in contact with an undertaker.
The irony of all this is that most people who organise a funeral will have absolutely no experience in funeral organisation and very little idea of what exactly they should be doing.
What’s worse, is that while they are planning the funeral they will likely be in the painful throes of grief.
After the death of a loved one, everyone needs a little bit of help. And for those trusted with organising the funeral, help can come in the form of Brian McElroy Funeral Directors.
Brian McElroy Funeral Directors takes the pain and complications out of funeral organisation; leaving the family or the individual to concentrate on their grief.

Brian McElroy Funeral Directors

Brian McElroy Funeral Directors have been established for well over a decade and have developed a reputation in their local community for their professionalism, customer focus and respectful and sensitive funeral services.
As a family run business, Brian McElroy Funeral Directors understands the pain and shock that can be caused after the death of a loved one. As such they make every effort to make the organisational elements of the funeral as simple as possible.
They provide coffins and caskets, funeral flowers along with sending out death notices They also organise all aspects of the ceremony with the appropriate religious organisation.

Monuments & Headstones

Along with providing clients with elegant and respectful funerals, Brian McElroy Funeral Directors also provides clients with a complete monument and headstone restoration and repair service.
Headstones are at the mercy of the elements and oftentimes inscriptions begin to fade, kerbing gets buried underneath weeds and mould and algae can attach themselves to the exterior of the headstone.
Brian McElroy Funeral Directors’ maintenance and repair service removes pervasive weeds and stops algae growth. Their expert maintenance team also completely revitalise the headstone’s exterior and the headstone’s inscriptions.

For sensitive and respectful funeral services or for complete headstone restorations, get in contact with the experts at Brian McElroy Funeral Directors today.

Address St. Agnes Road, Crumlin Village
Telephone Numbers 01-4559101