Cabinteely Coal & Solid Fuel Centre

As anyone who has lived in Ireland will tell you, our winters seem to stretch on indefinitely.
Even when a calendar insists it is the middle of spring, its likely Ireland will still be getting pelted with sleet, soaked in torrential downpours or even blanketed with snow. Winter can sometimes feel like a gruelling slog through unpredictable weather patterns, grey days and ever-present cold.
However, for all its negatives, winter does have at least one, often overlooked advantage over summer. That advantage? Why it’s curling up in front of a roaring fire while rain falls down from the heavens.
Summers may have days at the beach, hikes, bike rides and ice cream but none of this comes anywhere close to the simple pleasure of staring into an open fire or stove, on a cold day, in the warmth and comfort of your own home.
Of course, an open fire is only as good as the fuel that feeds it. And few companies sell such high-quality open fire fuel as Cabinteely Coal & Solid Fuel Centre.

Cabinteely Coal & Solid Fuel Centre

Cabinteely Coal & Solid Fuel Centre has been providing clients with the very best solid fuel for years. Their ideal location — on Johnstown Road, Dublin 18 — makes them extremely easy for Dublin clients to access. Their large selection of products and bulk pricing also makes them a cost-effective solid fuel provider for the budget conscious Dublin coal shopper.

Dublin Coal at the Right Price

Cabinteely Coal & Solid Fuel Centre’s bulk pricing structures make them a cost-effective coal provider for everything from briquettes and hardwood to good old fashioned turf.
Their range of products continues to evolve alongside the changing regulations regarding the burning of solid fuels. They have a large selection of smokeless fuel, briquettes and kindling wood.
So why not make the most of the wet, grey weather and get comfortable by a roaring fire with cost-effective fuel supplied by Cabinteely Coal & Solid Fuel Centre.

Cabinteely Coal & Solid Fuel Centre is one of the nation’s favourite suppliers of smokeless coal in Dublin.

Address The Hills Centre, Johnstown Road, Dublin 18
Telephone Numbers 01 2350714