Foot health is not something many people consider, despite the fact that ignoring small issues can lead to greater complications. When issues arise, it is important that you visit an experienced and knowledgeable podiatrist/chiropodist such as those at Podiatry Clinic Dublin on 31 Wicklow Street, a modern clinic with a strong reputation for the quality of their patient care services.

Experienced Team

The team at Podiatry Clinic Dublin have extensive experience in the areas of podiatry and chiropody, meaning they are able to effectively diagnose and treat a comprehensive range of issues. Podiatry Clinic Dublin are known for their friendly, helpful demeanour as well as the calm atmosphere they create which helps to alleviate any concerns patients may be having.


Podiatry Clinic Dublin provide treatment for the following issues: Bio-mechanical foot abnormalities Pes Plano Valgus (Flat Foot) Pes Cavus (High Arches) Club Foot Leg Length problems Heel spur pain Plantar Facititis Lower Limb Myofascial release therapy Ankle pain Knee pain Hip pain Back and shoulder pain Diabetic Footcare Sports Orthotics Achilles tendon pain Neuropathic conditons

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Address Podiatry Clinic 31 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2
Telephone Numbers 01 6799649
Email info@podiatryclinicdublin.ie
Website www.podiatryclinicdublin.ie