What Makes Expert Tree Surgery and Hedge Cutting?- Kennedy Tree Service

Tree Surgery and Hedge Cutting play an integral role in keeping our roads and homes safe throughout the year. Have you ever wondered what would happen if we simply let our hedges or gardens grow wild? Chances are, it wouldn’t be too pretty! Tree surgeons perform a number of services to keep our natural world in check. As well as pruning trees and maintaining hedgerows, tree surgeons regularly perform arboreal risk assessments. This is to ensure the safety of people, properties and natural landscapes in public and private spaces. Whether you’re worried about an old oak tree looming over your property or simply want your hedges to look a little neater, a tree surgeon may have all the answers you need.

Kennedy Tree Service

Based in Tipperary and serving clients in Tipperary, Laois, Kilkenny, Offaly and West Galway, Kennedy Tree Service have been offering professional tree surgery services in their family-run business for over 15 years. Their City and Guilds Institute recognised team are trained in the very latest tree felling and hedge cutting services to ensure precision, quality and ease, all at a guaranteed cost-effective price. As well as domestic and commercial services, the team offer 24-hour emergency tree removal, so you can rest assured that any fallen, dangerous tree will be taken care of immediately.

Tree Surgery

Kennedy Tree Service know how important it is to deliver top-quality service to their clients, which is why all of the team are highly trained and insured to provide the best tree surgery services. Kennedy Tree Service offers a range of domestic, commercial and agricultural tree surgery options. Overgrown trees can often spoil the aesthetic of a property, but with some expert intervention, you can get any overgrown tree back under control. Kennedy Tree Service specialises in crown reduction, thinning, branch removal and general maintenance to help your trees thrive. As well as improving the overall look of your property, professional tree surgery will ensure better health and longevity of your trees.

Hedge Cutting

Trying to create perfect hedges for your property can be difficult to do alone. This is why you should hire a professional hedge cutting service like Kennedy Tree Service. Whether you want to tidy up your domestic hedges or need to trim a neglected hedgerow on agricultural land, Kennedy Tree Service has the expertise to do so. The team utilise a range of modern hedge cutting techniques to ensure a precise and professional outcome. They’ll even look after the waste removal! No matter how big or small the job, the outcome will be the same- neat and manageable hedges.

Tree Removal

Kennedy Tree Service offers domestic, commercial and agricultural tree removal services for dangerous or unwanted trees. The team are fully insured and experienced to guarantee the safest and most efficient tree removal techniques. Kennedy Tree Service’s highly knowledgeable tree surgeons are qualified to remove dangerous trees, even in areas with a high volume of pedestrians and traffic. As well as this, the team offer fast, professional site clearance and 24-hour dangerous tree removal. Need a tree removed in Tipperary, Laois, Kilkenny, Offaly or West Galway? Look no further.

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