Making a Cynic a Believer: Suzy’s Tarot Card Readings and Medium Service

I suppose everyone has some preconceived idea of what a fortune teller should look like. Raised on a diet of horror films and Stephen King novels I couldn’t help but imagine an ancient old woman, covered head to toe in strange trinkets and jewellery; living on the very edge of some long deserted town. It was a ridiculous notion, and it was one that was immediately dashed when I entered Castleknock, a charming little Hamlet located just inside the M50’s ring road.
Castleknock is home to Susan Ward, the proprietor of Suzy’s Tarot Card Readings and Medium Service.

Suzy’s Tarot Card Readings and Medium Service

Suzy is one of Ireland’s most experienced and longest established provider of Tarot Card readings and medium services. She’s been providing her speciality service for over three decades and has developed a reputation for her friendliness, warmth and insightful readings.
Suzy’s premises looked nothing like I expected, and the same was true for Suzy, who was dressed in smart casual attire and greeted me with a warm smile and a friendly handshake.
Suzy’s friendly reputation as a gregarious and welcoming host was well earned. I immediately felt comfortable and soon both Suzy and I were laughing and talking like old friends.

Tarot Card Reading

Of all the services on offer, I opted to have my future read through Tarot Cards, a particular speciality of Suzy’s. Again, my expectations were shattered. Along with offering insights into my future, the whole experience felt more like a helpful conversation that a dive into the mysterious and the unknown. Suzy’s 30 years of experience are shown in her gentle approach to her readings. Suzy offered practical life advice and insights that left me uplifted and refreshed.
I left Suzy’s premises, maybe not a convert to the ancient art of Tarot Card reading but certainly a believer in the positive benefits of a good conversation. Suzy offers her service to individuals or groups and is even available for readings over the phone.

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Address Front gate Lodge Knockmaroon Estate Tower Road, Castleknock, Dublin 15
Telephone Numbers 086 827 10 89