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For those who have suffered from medical negligence, the need for a reliable and well-versed solicitor is great as you want to ensure that you are receiving your full entitlement on any claims made. Denis O’Sullivan & Co. have spent considerable time and effort in studying and mastering the complex law around medical negligence claims, making them one of the few medical negligence specialists in Ireland.

What Is Medical Negligence?

A medical negligence case is brought forward when a party has become injured as a direct result of medical malpractice/negligent medical treatment. Injuries sustained may not always be the result of negligence and as cases tend to be complex this is a very difficult area of personal injury law. Unlike almost all other personal injury cases, the Injuries Board Ireland will refuse jurisdiction in respect of medical malpractice. In medical negligence cases, action is generally taken against the health authority or hospital involved.

Professional Advice & Support

Denis O’Sullivan & Co. have built up a strong reputation for their professionalism, having successfully represented clients in medical negligence cases nationwide. They adopt a caring, pragmatic approach and always work in the best interests of their clients. Through sound advice and support, Denis O’Sullivan & Co. assist those who have suffered through medical negligence in getting their lives back on track.
Denis O’Sullivan & Co. represent clients nationwide. For more information, get in contact with them or visit their website.

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