Galway Stainless Steel Fabrications 2016-07-06 11-36-48Established in 1984, Galway Stainless has been providing bespoke stainless steel solutions to the catering, pharmaceutical and hospitality sectors for over thirty years. Their on-site workshop is equipped with the latest in steel fabrication technology allowing them to take on advanced projects and provide unique, creative solutions for their clients. Taking your individual needs into consideration, Galway Stainless manufacture expertly crafted custom steel products, working closely with you to ensure everything is designed to your required specifications.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is used widely in the catering, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries. Companies that need to maintain strict levels of hygiene control such as restaurants and hospitals tend to use stainless steel appliances because they are easy to clean and don’t harbour bacteria like other metals eliminating the risk of cross contamination. Renowned for its durability and versatility, stainless steel is a cost effective option for many within the catering sector. Resistant to staining, corrosion, heat and fire, it is the primary choice for clients running a safe, hygienic and organised commercial kitchen.


Galway stainless specialise in the manufacturing of catering equipment. Everything you need to run a kitchen can be designed, created and installed to suit your specific requirements. The skilled engineers at Galway Stainless can create custom built canopies, worktops, production stations, tables, sinks, floor drains, wash troughs, display units handrails, base cabinets and much more. All stainless steel fabrications are manufactured in strict compliance with Irish environmental regulations.


Galway Stainless manufacture bespoke stainless steel fabrications for a number of pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions including University Hospital Galway. Highly experienced in the area of bio-medical grade stainless steel fabrication, Galway Steel design and install cleanroom furniture used in aseptic and sterile environments. They can create custom fitted medical workbenches, trolley bays, floor mounted urinals, sluice rooms, steel lab worktops, mounted wash troughs and an assortment of cleanroom furniture.

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