Golden Heath Store 2016-07-07 14-36-34 Golden Health store has been serving the health needs of Longford and it’s surrounds for the past 10 years.  There are 3 nutritional therapists in store to offer advice on nutrition, supplements, whole foods and general  health. Golden Health Stores are proud to supply their customer’s with a wide range of sustainable, eco-friendly  foods, cosmetics and household cleaning supplies.


Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamins and minerals are essential to our diet and overall wellbeing. It’s not always possible for our bodies to absorb all the vital nutrients we need from diet alone. When combined with a balanced diet, supplements can boost energy, clear toxins and prevent illness. Golden Health Store stock a large range of dietary supplements and herbal remedies to treat a number of vitamin deficiencies.

Vegan Supplies

With veganism becoming increasingly mainstream, there is a growing demand for vegan whole foods and products. They stock premium quality chilled and frozen vegan foods. Golden Health Store are proud to support a number of Irish companies by stocking their organic, vegan produce. They carry high quality vegan brands including coyo, nobo, Frys, Violife, Clearspot, Sojade, Follow your Heart and many more.

Sports Nutrition

Whether you’re athletic or beginning a new fitness regime, Golden Health Store are at hand to offer expert advice on nutrition and health. Optimum Nutrition is their main sports nutrition brand for serious mass and whey protein. They stock a variety of protein powders and bars to enhance your athletic performance. Choose from a range of high quality brands such as m top brands Kinetica, Sunwarrior, Pulsin and Spirutein.

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Address 4 Grafton Court, Longford
Telephone Numbers 043 667 7009
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