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P.SPS Childs Master Thatcher Logo. Childs Master Thatcher is a Meath based business, specialising in the installation, repair and restoration of thatched roofs. The business is owned by Peter Childs, who has years of experience in the business. He has almost 40 years of experience in the industry, having studied the Countryside Agency’s Thatch Training Centre in Salisbury. Peter and his team work with a mixture of private clients and commercial businesses. They hold full public and employer liability. Services include thatching, supplying straw, insurance work and much more.

Thatched Roofs

Thatched roofs are one of the most beautiful types of roofs out there. Not just a functional part of your home, they are aesthetically pleasing, reminiscent of times gone by. P.S. Childs Master Thatcher believes in preserving these beautiful roofs, working all over Ireland to install, restore and replace. The team use only the highest quality materials, with a mixture of straw and reed, all prepared in their workshop in Co. Meath.

Repair & Restoration

A thatched roof will need repairs and restoration over time. Due the fact that it is constructed from natural materials, it stands to reason that it will deteriorate. There are a number of great advantages to having a thatched roof installed, it is more environmentally friendly, provides excellent insulation and protection from noise pollution.

Grants for Thatched Roofs

Those wishing to repair or restore their roof can apply for a government aided grant. This grant is available to those who reach the eligible criteria. This includes criteria such as; the house has to be more than ten years old, it must have had a thatched roof previously. Be sure to visit the website to find out more and get your application started.

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