N2 Auto Care

Our cars are getting more and more advanced. In the 21st century, cars – as standard – are fitted with sophisticated on-board computers that power everything from GPS to parking assistance. In short, modern cars are a different beast than the vehicles of 20, 10 or even 5 years ago.
The industry is evolving. Hybrid vehicles are making transportation cleaner and more fuel-efficient. Fully electric cars are on the cusp of revolutionising our city streets, and the promise of full automation is getting ever closer.
Unfortunately, the car repair industry isn’t keeping pace with these sweeping changes. Car owners are increasingly having to go to manufacturer registered garages for expensive services and part replacements.
However, one independent garage is still offering modern car owners vehicle repairs and services that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

N2 Auto Care

N2 Auto Care has been in the vehicle repair and maintenance industry for the past 2 decades. From their dedicated location in Ashbourne, they offer clients complete car services, car repairs and vehicle diagnostic checks.
What sets N2 Auto Care apart is the depth of their mechanic’s knowledge. For the past 20 years, N2 Auto Care has stayed up to date with the latest developments in the private vehicle industry.
By utilising the expertise of their team and the most advanced diagnostic equipment available, N2 Auto Care can offer specialist air conditioning repairs, gearbox replacements and hybrid vehicle servicing and repairs.
Whether your vehicle is fresh off the production line or has a few miles on the clock, N2 Auto Care has the skills, expertise and specialist equipment to complete repairs and services to the very highest standard.

ADAS Calibration

Modern vehicles are fitted with advanced safety systems that include distance guidelines, lane tracking assistance and night vision assistance.
N2 Auto Care’s state of the art ADAS calibration equipment can ensure the accuracy of these systems.
N2 Auto Care calibrates modern safety systems to the manufacturer’s exact specifications.
Are you looking to have your modern vehicle serviced? Then we recommend that you get in contact with N2 Auto Care now, the modern vehicle specialists.

Address Unit 4, Ashbourne Manufacturing Park, Ashbourne, Co. Meath
Telephone Numbers 01 5137440
Email info@n2autocare.ie
Website www.n2autocare.ie