How much Heat is lost through Windows? Abbott Window & Door Repair

How much heat is lost through the windows? It’s a question every property owner asks themselves when staring at yet another expensive energy bill.
In case you’re wondering, it has been estimated that around 10% of heat is lost through windows. Maybe 10% doesn’t seem all that high. After all, you have to expect some heat lose right?

Well, let’s crunch the numbers. If your energy bill comes to €100, then €10 of that was spent on energy that escaped through your windows.

If you’re one of the thousands of property owners that would swap their right arm for an energy bill that only comes to €100, you might very well be on the verge of tears. But don’t fret, Abbott Window & Door Repair offers modern, innovative window solutions that help address the problem of escaping heat.

Abbott Window & Door Repair

Abbott Window & Door Repair, are one of Dublin’s premier door and window repair companies. Their incredibly fast repair service, not only promises the best in professional craftsmanship but also a quick and efficient response in the event of a break-in.
More so than a just first response repair company, Abbott Window & Door Repair, use their window and door expertise to retrofit homes with the very best in A-Rated glazing solutions.

A-rated Glazing Alternatives.

With Abbott Window & Door Repair’s retrofitting service, losing excessive heat through windows no longer has to a given. Abbott installs the very best in A-Rated Energy efficient double or even triple glazed windows.
They offer competitive window installations with energy efficient glass that can increase the energy rating of a property by a whopping 33.5%. Finally, a percentage to get excited about.
Their competitive pricing structures, the speed of their service and the unparalleled standard of their workmanship, makes Abbott Window & Door Repair, the right choice when you’ve had enough of chilly mornings and huge energy bills.

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