We love dogs in Ireland. Dogs are much more than man’s best friend, they are adored family members. More and more bars and restaurants are welcoming dogs. Some of these bars even serve doggy bear; no seriously, they really do.
Irish society certainly loves dogs but it doesn’t love all dogs equally.
Any big dog owner will tell you that finding a place to bring their large dog can be problematic. An awful lot of this dog-friendly bar and restaurants have a dog height limit so your St. Bernard will have to drink his doggy bear elsewhere.
Finding a dog grooming clinic for a large dog is especially challenging.
So many places don’t have the space or the expertise to accommodate larger dogs.
Fortunately, for the big dog lover, Chunky Dog Grooming specialises in grooming large dogs.

Chunki Dog Grooming

Chunki Dog Grooming provides a full dog grooming service to dogs of all shapes and sizes. Their service includes a full shampoo, de-shedding, blow dry and nail cutting service. The expert staff at Chunki Dog Grooming, make a huge effort to create a warm, relaxing and ambient environment, that can relax even the most nervous of canine.
Their grooming service isn’t just aesthetic, their team check the dog’s ears, mouth and skin for any irregularities or infections.

Large Dog Specialists

Chunki Dog Grooming specialises in grooming larger dogs. Their team’s deft touch helps keep large dogs relaxed as their nails are trimmed and excessive hair is removed. In the summer they trim a large dog’s hair, ensuring that large shaggy dogs are cool and comfortable in the sun. Chunki Dog Grooming have extensive experience with all breeds of large dogs including Huskies, Border Collies and Long Hair Alsatians.

Difficult Dogs

With so much experience with all kinds of dogs, Chunki Dog Grooming can groom dogs that display challenging behaviours. Using gentle reassurance, soothing tones and proven relaxation techniques, Chunki Dog Grooming can make sure even the most difficult dog gets professionally groomed.
So if your big dog is getting a little bit shaggy, don’t hesitate book an appointment with Chunki Dog Grooming today.

Address Toberlownagh, Aughrim, Wicklow
Telephone Numbers 040257278