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Renting is on the rise in Ireland. And as house prices continue to skyrocket renting is a much more viable choice for many. However, as a nation, we don’t have much experience with renting and it’s easy to be confused my all the legalities and terminology.
To help make the process a little bit easier, we asked All Ireland Properties to share the basic steps that you should take before signing your first lease.

All Ireland Properties

All Ireland Properties is an Irish owned, long established estate agency covering extensive properties in both Cork and Kerry. Established in 1992 their expert staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. Their team is committed to helping customers make knowledgeable decisions and have developed a full knowledge of the local property market. As a result, All Ireland Properties provides a wide-ranging service that is both welcoming and professional.
All Ireland Properties offers a variety of rental services. They know that one size does not fit all and focus on delivering an excellent service that suits their clients’ needs.

Do Your Research

It might seem easy picking a location to live in but oftentimes there is more to consider than you originally thought. Once you know where you’d like to rent, make sure to take the time to research additional information such as amenities, public transport systems nearby, entertainment facilitates, general cost of living in the area etc. These will all contribute to your overall satisfaction in your new rental home.

Budget Carefully

Long-term rental accommodation may seem expensive, but compare this with current mortgage rates and the expense is relatively the same. And as renting becomes more popular we will begin to life-long leases are becoming available – much like our European neighbours. When considering a rental be sure to find out if bills are included. If not, this is an additional cost you need to take into account. Other expenses to consider are the cost of living, public transport and other services you will have to use living in your new home.

Get Organised

Potential landlords will require certain documentation with your application. Having these ready to go as you begin your search will streamline the entire process. The documents include an employer reference, a previous landlord reference (if you’ve rented before), a valid photo ID, and bank details (to show that you are financially stable and able to pay rent).

Consider A Letting Agent

While it is possible to find a decent rental property using sites like, it can often be a hassle determining which landlords are legitimate. Using a letting agent takes away the stress and worry of being conned. All Ireland Properties’ highly trained team have an in-depth knowledge of the local property market and will help you find the rental that’s right for you.

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