A good hardware shop can be hard to come across, as with such extensive and diverse product ranges there is a risk that product quality may suffer. For customers of Expert Hardware Baldoyle, this is not an issue. As members of the recognisable Expert Hardware franchise, Expert Hardware Baldoyle’s stock features products from well-known brands meaning quality is guaranteed at reasonable prices.

A Nationwide Franchise

Expert Hardware is a well-known franchise with stores nationwide and are recognised leaders in product knowledge and service within the hardware industry. By shopping here, customers benefit from knowledge and experience that would not be available from other general hardware stores and gain access to products that are exclusive to Expert Hardware.

Value For Money

What keeps customers coming back to Expert Hardware Baldoyle? Apart from the quality of their products and services, they set themselves apart thanks to their competitive prices and special offers which deliver value that you are unlikely to find in any other hardware store.
Find everything you need all under one roof at Expert Hardware Baldoyle.

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Address Expert Hardware
Brookstone Rd,
D13 CF80
Telephone Numbers 01 839 3005