Pampering For Your Pooch – Deluxe Mutz

No matter their breed or size, all dogs love to play outdoors and get messy which can often mean large-scale clean up operations for their owners. Though you can usually perform a quick bath at home, to have your dog truly sparkling you need to take them to a professional. Deluxe Mutz in Blanchardstown is a fully equipped grooming salon renowned for their uncanny ability to deliver an enjoyable grooming experience for all dogs they see.

All Breeds & Sizes

As experienced dog groomers, Deluxe Mutz take in all sizes and breeds of dog, altering their services depending on the unique requirements of each dog (size, type of coat, etc.). This grooming salon is fantastic for dogs who have a nervous disposition, as they only ever take up to 5 dogs to ensure a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Grooming is also carried out by their IPDGA and City & Guilds certified groomer.

Choose Your Package

Deluxe Mutz have a range of packages to choose from which include mini grooms, full grooms, and puppy packages. Naturally, the full groom is the most extensive of the three as it involves clipping, bathing, blow drying, styling, ear cleaning, full body checks and more. Full package information can be seen on their website, choose the most suitable option for you.
Have your dog pampered at Deluxe Mutz!

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Address Deluxe Mutz
Unit 31 Coolmine Industrial Estate,
Dublin 15,
Telephone Numbers 016971472