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Every year, thousands of people suffer from accidents that are not their fault. The negligence of a third party that results in a personal injury can cause the injured pain, suffering, stress financial loss and even a reduced quality of life. If you are injured as a result of a road traffic accident, and injury at work or sustain any other personal injuries then you should get in touch with a solicitor.

Based in Galway, Fidelma Bane Solicitors is an experienced legal practice specialising in Personal Injury and Road Traffic Accidents. They treat all personal injury cases with complete confidentiality. Fidelma Bane Solicitors take the time to fully understand every client’s situation and the unique details of each case. Their expert solicitors can get you the justice you deserve.

Road Traffic Accidents

It is no surprise that road traffic accidents are the most common personal injury claim presented to solicitors. An all too common occurrence, cars crashes and other road traffic accidents can have serious, detrimental results on the injured. If the cause of the road traffic accident was not your fault then you may be entitled to compensation. Fidelma Bane Solicitors are experts in road traffic accident cases and have a long history of success in litigation and court.

Work Accident Solicitors

An accident or injury sustained at work is an unfortunate event, but they can and do happen frequently. Accidents at work can have negative effects on the injured’s mental, physical and financial state. In most cases, the injured employee is entitled to pursue legal action. If you can prove that your accident occurred as a result of an unsafe working environment you are entitled to the appropriate compensation. Fidelma Bane Solicitors have years of experience with work-related accidents and have a high success right regarding these cases.

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