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Plastos Surgical in Wilton, Co. Cork, is owned and operated by one of Ireland’s leading plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons, Mr Sean T. O`Sullivan, an expert in the field who has been successfully performing surgeries for over two decades. As with any surgical procedures, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries are not without their risks, which is why it is vitally important that you seek the services of fully qualified, experienced professionals, such as those at Plastos Surgical, before undertaking any procedures.

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Experts

The consultants at Plastos Surgical are experts in the fields of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, providing a range of specialist procedures from skin lesion removals to complete reconstructions of the head and neck for cancer patients. All surgeries are carried out in safe, fully equipped facilities and a comprehensive aftercare plan is always implemented to produce the best results.

Multi-Award Winning Consultants

Mr Sean T. O`Sullivan, owner and chief consultant at Plastos Surgical, has received numerous awards for his work, these include the Sir Peter Freyer Gold Medal for surgical research, the Knoll Prize for best presentation of the European Burns Association and the Upjohn Prize for Trauma Research in Boston USA. Achievements such as these are earner only through sheer dedication and extensive knowledge in the field and are a testament to the quality of services provided at Plastos Surgical.
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