Unfortunately, the possibility of car theft or criminal damage to a vehicle is a major concern for every car owner.
To help car owners take every possible precaution, we’ve teamed up with First Ireland to share some of the best anti-theft tips to help keep a car safe.

1. Don’t forget to lock your car

It may seem obvious, but leaving your car unlocked even for a few minutes leaves it vulnerable to theft. Many car-thieves are opportunist criminals, who won’t hesitate to steal an unlocked car.
Always double-check that all doors on your vehicle are locked and make sure that all windows – front and back – are rolled up. An open window will make your car and its contents easy pickings for an opportunist thief.

2. Park safe

Whenever possible you should park your car in a garage overnight. When a garage isn’t available, you should seek out a secure car park. Ideally, this car park should be fitted with monitored barriers.
When you have to park your car outside, always pick a busy, well-lit area.
When parking overnight, pay attention to how you park. Try and ensure your car is parked in a space that would require some finesse to maneuver the vehicle back onto the road. A difficult to move car will likely put-off the average thief.
When parking your vehicle in a driveway, try to park defensively. Park at an angle that will make the vehicle difficult to reach and park as close to the property as possible.

3. Visible Security

A vehicle not fitted with a visible security feature like a steering wheel lock, or a gear shift lock will look like easy pickings to a car thief.
Even if the thief doesn’t gain access to the vehicle, the attempt will likely damage the vehicle. A visible security feature should be enough to deter most criminals.

4. Remove personal items

Personal items like handbags, phones, laptops briefcases etc., should never be left in plain view inside a vehicle.
In a matter of seconds, a criminal could smash a car window and steal your valuable items.
If items containing personal information like your name, address, VAT number etc. are stolen or left in plain sight, you expose yourself to the possibility of identity theft and fraud.

5. Keep your keys in a secure place

When parking, always remember to remove your keys from the ignition and keep the keys in a secure place.
There have been numerous reports of thieves looking through letterboxes or entering a property to retrieve car keys.
Don’t make it easy for thieves. Always leave your keys in a secure place within your home.

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