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With the recent good spell of warm weather, we are beginning to see an increase in rats and mice. The warm weather has enticed them out of the hiding places and they are on the hunt for food without having to brace cold or wet weather conditions.

The last thing any of us want is a single rat in our home let alone an infestation. With over 25 years of experience, City Pest Control knows how to keep the rats away. They have shared with us the best ways to prevent rats and mice from entering your home this summer.

City Pest Control

City Pest Control are experts in domestic and commercial pest control and prevention. From ants and wasps to cockroaches and bed bugs you can trust City Pest Control with all of your pest problems. Their expert team knows that when a customer has a pest problem they want it dealt with quickly and efficiently. That’s why they offer a 24-hour call answering service. Each member of staff is trained to the highest standard and always delivers a discrete service. You will be kept informed of every step and preventative measure as knowledge is the key to a pest free environment.

Following City Pest Control’s steps and you can reduce the chances of rat infestation. However, if you are worried that you already have a rat or mouse problem then call City Pest Control immediately.

4 Ways to Rodent-Proof your Home

1. Seal:
Rats and Mice can enter your home through the tiniest of gaps. Check all windows, doors, walls, and drains for possible gaps or cracks and seal them with caulk or steel wool. You should also check for any gaps higher up on your property or on your roof and not just at ground level.

2. Dry
As well as seeking food, Rats and mice are also looking for moisture and water sources. Leaks in your bathroom attic, basement, and shed are a vital water supply for pests. Make sure any leaks or water sources are cleaned up as quickly as possible to prevent an infestation.

3. Tidy
Rodents will find many hidden shelters in a cluttered or messy home. Clear away any old newspapers, wood, and regularly empty your garage or sheds to reduce possible hiding places for rats and mice. A clean home is a pest free home.

4. Clear
If you are an avid gardener make sure you clear away organic material. If allowed to accumulate, dead flowers, leaves, twigs and general garden debris make for ideal nests. A good clearance will reduce the possibility of rats and mice living on your property..

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