Countywide Drains Ltd

Improper maintenance of your drainage systems can lead to greater issues, such as pipe blockage, which is why proper and timely drain cleaning, drain maintenance and waste management is so important. For those in the Cork, Kerry and Munster areas, Countywide Drains Ltd offer an extensive range of drain cleaning and waste management services, working with customers in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors for the past three decades.

Certified Waste Disposal And Treatment

As certified waste disposal and treatment specialists, Countywide Drains Ltd are able to work with all types of drainage and septic tank systems, performing any necessary inspection, maintenance, cleaning and repair works. If you have a suspected blockage, it is important that you contact an expert waste management company such as Countywide Drains Ltd as soon as possible, in order to prevent the issue from escalating.

Septic Tank Cleaning Specialists

Countywide Drains Ltd also have a team of dedicated septic and bio tank cleaning specialists, with a fleet of trucks at their disposal allowing them to handle all types of septic tank cleaning, maintenance and repair requests. Issues can arise from something as minor as running your garbage disposal too often, which is why it is important to schedule a regular maintenance service for your septic tank system.
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