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tallaght-interiorsWhen was the last time you had something repaired? Increasingly we are turning into a culture predisposed to throwing out faulty goods rather than repairing anything. The preconception is that buying something new is the easy convenient option. However, the shrewd homeowner knows that throwing out items instead of having them repaired, eventually begins to put a financial strain on a family. For young families, who so often feel the financial pinch, Tallaght Interiors offers a comprehensive blind repair service.

Tallaght Interiors

If you were to replace your blinds every time the retraction mechanism jammed or a small tear appeared it would eventually add up to a small fortune. Wear and tear and curious little hands will inevitably lead to issues arising with blinds. Tallaght Interiors offers a fast, efficient repair service that can make simple repairs at a client’s property or make more complex repairs at their Tallaght-based repair shop.
The company have years of experience in blind repair and thus are able to identify problems quickly and repair common issues with zero fuss. Their repair service is an incredibly cost effective solution when compared to the cost of a full-scale replacement.

Blind Manufacturing

Tallaght Interiors also manufacture blinds in their Tallaght-based workshop. Using only the very finest of materials, they customise blinds to perfectly complement window sizes. This efficient service involves one of Tallaght interior’s experts coming to a property and measuring window frames to create bespoke window blind solutions. Customers can choose from a massive range of materials and designs to get the perfect blinds for their property. Whether your home décor is ultra-modern or completely classical, Tallaght Interiors can manufacture just the right blinds to compliment your interior’s aesthetic.

Buck the money wasting trend of the modern world and save yourself a packet by having your blinds repaired and revitalised by Tallaght Interiors.

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