Saying Goodbye to a Loved One – Keohane Cork Funeral Home

The loss of a loved one is an extremely emotional and difficult time. Grief takes form in many ways and affects every single person differently. Attempting to organise a funeral while experiencing this grief is a daunting task. The last thing any of us want to do is make arrangements to say goodbye to a loved one and we often feel a great burden undertaking this task.

Giving your loved one the funeral they wanted is a perfect way to show them how much you loved and cared for them, while also helping your own grieving process. Funerals can be an outlet for all of the hurt and emotions we feel during this difficult period. Keohane Cork Funeral Home can help you make the appropriate funeral arrangements and take that burden off of your shoulders, so you can focus on saying goodbye.

Keohane Cork Funeral Home

Keohane’s is a family owned and run funeral home operating in Cork since 2012. They strive to provide a personal and compassionate service to all families they work with. With years of experience, Keohane’s know how valuable a funeral ceremony can be for those grieving. It provides family and friends with an opportunity to express their admiration, love, respect and appreciation for the deceased. Keohane’s are committed to going the extra mile for all families so that they can create a fitting tribute to their loved one.

Compassion and Understanding

Through the funeral, we take that first step toward healing and adjustment our loss. Keohane Cork Funeral Home is here to help ease the burden of the process and provide you with a funeral that suits both yours and your loved one’s wishes. They will assist you with planning all aspects of the funeral and can offer advice and support. Their funeral directors are trained to assist families in creating personal, meaningful and unique services. They cater to all types of services and provide options for various religious, non-religious or humanist ceremonies. Keohane’s welcomes all mourners. The presence of friends at this time can be a great comfort and is an acknowledgment of the friendship and love we once shared with the departed.

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Knights Hill, Old Youghal Road, Co. Cork
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