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Ireland loves dogs. Hey, that may not be the most profound sentence ever written but it’s certainly true. Walk down the street of any town or the twisting country road of a rural area and it seems that you bump into just as many dogs as you do humans.
From petite Yorkshire terrier’s to hulking St. Bernard’s, Ireland’s dog population is as diverse as it is numerous. According to the latest statistics, there are over 450,000 thousands dogs registered in Ireland, which is huge considering the size of our population, which is a little over 4.5 million.
What’s more, of the thousands of dog owners out there, over 75% got their dogs while they were still puppies. This makes us a nation that is extremely invested in the well-being and continuing development of our pooches. As such, it’s important that a dog of any age is given the right kind of food to properly fulfil their nutritional requirements.
Essential foods provides high-quality, premium dog food that’s both natural and grain free.

Essential Foods

Essential foods were set-up with a simple mission: to provide dogs with quality food that has been formulated for the unique needs of their digestive systems.
Dogs are naturally carnivores and as such their gut has evolved to handle a diet rich in proteins and animal fat. Essential foods have developed their premium dog food with this in mind. Their various dog food varieties are rich in animal protein and are completely free from artificial ingredients.
Dogs who primarily eat a natural carnivorous diet, are at a lower risk of developing allergies or problems with their vital organs.

Grain Free Dog Food

As previously stated, a dog’s diet must be rich in animal protein and animal fat. Dogs should avoid a diet containing complex carbohydrates. As such, grains should be kept to an absolute minimum or not feed to a dog at all. Unfortunately, lower-grade dog food somethings contain rice as a bulking agent. The high carbohydrate count of rich may keep your dog feeling full, but rice is not the optimum foodstuff for the animal’s health.
So if you want your puppy to live long, full life, it’s imperative that your pet is fed the best diet possible. To get just the right food for your dog, visit essential foods’ website or get in contact with their offices today.
See Essential Food’s range of Grain Free Dog Food.

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