If you had a migraine you wouldn’t go to a chiropodist. Equally, if you had digestive pain you wouldn’t seek out a chiropractor.

If your oil boiler had broken down you wouldn’t call a builder, just like you wouldn’t call a plumber if you wanted a wall built.

Specialist jobs require specialisation.

It seems perfectly obvious when it’s spelled out, so why then, do we continue to take our cars to general garages no matter the nature of the problem?
Sure, general garages are great for having your car serviced or when general repairs are required but what about specialist issues? What about repairs that require specialist equipment? Specialist equipment that the average garage just won’t have.

In the case of car radiators, electrics and air conditioner problems, don’t waste your time at a general garage, instead bring your vehicle directly to Autorads Direct.

Autorads Direct

Autorads Direct are a specialist vehicle garage, that concentrates on the repair, upgrading and replacements of car radiators, car electronics and air conditioners. Thier expertise extends to small commercial vehicles and agricultural vehicles.

Specialist Vehicle Radiator Repairs

Damaged or poorly maintained vehicle radiators can seriously undermine the performance of an engine; eventually leading to severe engine damage. However; most vehicle radiator issues, when caught early, can be repaired relatively quickly.

Using the very latest diagnostic equipment, Autorad Direct can identify issues in a car’s radiator before they adversely affect the engine; potentially saving clients a significant sum in repair costs.

Further Specialisation

Autorads Direct garage is fully equipped with modern diagnostic software they can quickly and effectively repair issues with a vehicle’s electronics and the vehicle’s internal computer.

Their mechanics have particular expertise in regards to an engine’s alternator and starter motor; two engine parts that work in conjunction with one another and are essential for the proper running of the vehicle.

So if your vehicle radiator, electrics or air conditioning is causing problems, get these specialist pieces of tech assessed and repaired by the specialists at Autorads Direct.

Address Tierworker, Kells, Co. Meath, Ireland
Telephone Numbers 042 9424004